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Freshmen Class Elections

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Checkout Summer Time Offerings

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Student Camps –  Volunteers — Activities

Check out the information and registration forms for many summer offerings

7th Grade Field Trip–May 23

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This field trip, held at the Badlands Ministry Camp, offers students an opportunity to learn historical and natural history information related to the area we live in. In addition, the facility exposes students to leadership and team building skills through a variety of experiences including low ropes, high ropes, hiking, and service learning. We plan to spend the entire day engaging in learning experiences and the fun activities the facility is able to prove.

Note: There will be no religious references tied to the experience.

Note:  In order to participate in the High Ropes Course, parents must print and fill out the extra permission slip for HIGH ROPES PARTICIPANTS.  The 2-page form is available here: High Ropes Release  –  and it needs to be turned into your student’s teacher prior to the event.  Return the form and the $10 fee to Ms. Yeager, Mr. Obrigewitch or Mr. Meier.  The first 90 to turn in the High Ropes Release form will be able to participate in the High Ropes.  Adventure courses are designed to accomplish a number of positive goals, both personally and as a team.

General permission and direction form is being handed out in class but a copy can be obtained here:   7TH GRADE FIELD TRIP 2016 -–Print and turn in for your student’s permission to go on the field trip.


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Resource Officer Monson launched a program at Hagen Jr. High for students to text him information that may be a concern to them.  During a short morning talk on Friday, April 22, the program was explained to students and the appropriate use of it.  Students may not be willing to come forward and talk to a person but they can ”Text-A-Tip”  to inform him about drug use, suicide, abuse, violence, bullying or other concerns and remain anonymous.  The “Text-A-Tip” phone number is 701-260-7804.